PCD Franchise

We are looking for pharmaceutical franchise operators all over India. We offers pharmaceutical drugs which are widely appreciated for its accurate composition

We Offer

Monopoly rights, Visual Aid, Leave Behind Card, Catch Covers, Order Books, M.R. Bag, Gift Articles, Prescription Pads, Visiting Cards and many more...

Quality Assurance

We are committed towards providing high quality range of medicines to our customers as per the industrial quality standard. Stringent guiding principles are followed by us

Welcome to Aingo Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

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Aingo Pharma Pvt. Ltd. Pvt Ltd having wide range of products like soft gel, capsules, tablets, syrups, dry syrups, injections & powder. We believe in offering good quality of products. Most of our products are manufactured in WHO-GMP certified & GMP certified plant having their own fully equipped ultra-modern laboratories with quality assurance & quality control department.
Moreover our product are manufactured by branded active pharmaceuticals ingredients imported from different country like Germany, Switzerland, Korea & big Indian companies.
We also use best quality of excipients, binding materials, coating agents etc to give the best possible products.

Pharma Franchise

Aingo Pharma Pvt. Ltd., with its distinctive product spectrum proposes remunerative scope of franchise to the motivators of pharmaceutical distribution. At Aingo Pharma Pvt. Ltd., we strive to develop, market and acquire products opted through therapeutic specialty. We are also committed to establish new goals to strengthen our competitive edge.
We offer bright business prospects for dynamic pharmaceutical sales and marketing professionals where you can be your own boss in their territory. We welcome individuals to be the sole marketers and distributors of our unmatched product range.
The benefits of partnering with us :
High quality products
Wide product range
Timely delivery
Supreme packing
Competitive prices
Sales promotion materials

Research & Development

Aingo Pharma Pvt. Ltd. has an Indian advantage, and we leverage on this. The advantage is that cost of drug development and discovery is less than one-fifth of that in the West. In addition, India has a huge talent pool of excellent doctors and scientists, who play an active role in drug discovery and drug development clinical trials. Moreover, these scientists and doctors are not restricted to allopathy. Our team comprises of nutraceutical and Ayurvedic scientists, which helps us to boast of a diverse product pipeline.
The present formulation development team is able to launch more than 20 products every year, which are bio-equivalent to international brands.
Our expertise spans instant and controlled-release products, complex injectables, and differentiated delivery systems. Simpler dosage forms handled include liquids, capsules, tablets, ointments, sterile ophthalmic preparations, and many more.

Quality Policy

Aingo Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is in tune with the current manufacturing trends in healthcare industry. All our products are manufactured in WHO-GMP certified and WHO-GMP compliance plant. Being in the business of healthcare products, Aingo Pharma Pvt. Ltd. acknowledges quality as the first and the foremost important aspect. The key ingredients of manufacturing process clearly indicate the Aingo Pharma Pvt. Ltd. commitment towards quality, they are:

About Us

Aingo Pharma Pvt. Ltd. pvt ltd was incorporated on 2014 under the Indian Companies act 1956. Company is based at Chandigarh (UT) India. For more details visit website of Ministry of Corporate affairs. Company is promoted by experienced pharma professionals from multinationals company having more than 15 years of experience. Company is having its own marketing in some states. For further expansion company is offering PCD & Pharma Franchise in vacant states. For this company is looking for MR, ASM, RSM, ZSM or distributor with self-marketing team who have good command in their territory and want PCD or Pharma franchise on monopoly basis of a company having good quality of products with competitive rate.

Training Contents

we provide training to field force in our Chandigarh (UT) office free of cost (condition apply).One day of training include basic concept of marketing,how to detail visual aid(for fresher), how to make proper survey, how to get commitment from doctor, how to monitor product movement, systemic selling dialog etc.

Image 03 Our Manufacturing

Aingo Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company producing and manufacturing an exhaustive range of branded pharmaceutical formulations. Our production line is modern, and we adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Our products are competitively priced and are of the highest quality. Factors that give a perfect environment for outsourcing or contract manufacturing pharmaceutical products include our large-scale production capacity, highly-qualified and experienced production and quality control staff, and state-of-the-art WHO-GMP certified manufacturing facility.

Our Growth Driver

Our growth drivers are the specific areas of focus that help ensure our robust growth for the future. In today’s highly competitive global marketplace, it is also essential that we focus on the critical drivers of our future growth: to create value through innovation, to extend our global reach, with local focus, to execute with excellence in everything we do. We pursue our growth drivers guided by the Leadership Imperatives: Connect, Shape, Lead and Deliver.